Kick Start Camp 2021

Táp, Pannonhalmi Apátság Erdei Iskola Staff – KAti, Gábor, Imola, Petra, Balázs, Kolos, Bálint, Ali Papa, Kicsipapa A photo from last year We learnt how to light a campfire & later how to put it out in a safe way. The kids carved their own skewers after finding & chosing the right branch.

Angol felsőfok szóbeli – Level C1 – Speaking

Topic – Arranged Marriage (under construction) Here is a collection of articles & videos about arranged marriage Try to collect pros & cons about it & tell them to sy or even to yourself. Always practice aloud, never to yourself. 😉 I know it’s difficult for the first time, but it’s worth the effort.


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Hi, I’m Kate. Previously an economist, I became a language teacher and coach. From Sept. to May I spend most of my time teaching and playing with my students either in my downtown office or online and this blog is about my activities and sharing my favorites with you!

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